Jamie On 'Die Band' (The Band) TV Show

Jamie On 'Die Band' (The Band) TV Show

Look out for Jamie featuring in the first episode of 'Die Band' (The Band) a brand new TV show on the German TV channel ProSieben​ to be broadcast on 25 June at 20.15.

'Die Band' a production by Tresor TV for ProSieben will, over six weeks see a selection of musicians, compete to see who will earn a place in a new five piece band. The decision will not be made by a jury or by the viewers but by the musicians themselves.

As part of the show contestants will meet and be mentored by a world renowned musician in their specialist field. Jamie will meet the keyboard players, when they travel to London with TV host and their 'band leader Samu Haber' in episode one.

If you can view ProSieben tune in at 20.15 on 25 June to see who you think should join 'Die Band'.